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My Urban Piano Trier

My Urban Piano Trier

There is music in the air


Wednesday, 15. September 2021


11:00 AM

Meeting point:

downtown, Innenstadt, 54290 Trier,

Advanced sales agency:

The presale starts on 08/20/2021 https://www.ticket-regional.de/

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In September, the time has finally come and "My Urban Piano" makes its way to Trier. The concept is as simple as it is ingenious: numerous colorfully designed pianos - freshly tuned and ready to play, of course - will be are set up in the Trier city area, freely accessible and playable for everyone. "My Urban Piano Trier" is citizen participation in action, not only musically but also visually! Because all pianos were lovingly hand-painted and designed by artists, non-profit institutions and other creators.
In cooperation with regional music teachers, free "outdoor" piano lessons are also offered, especially for people for whom piano lessons are otherwise not available or only available under difficult conditions.
In addition, a "Young Talent" competition offers young keyboard artists the opportunity to demonstrate their exceptional skills. The greatest talents will receive professional
coaching and a spectacular open air performance on a noble concert grand piano.
Six piano concerts in front of the breathtaking backdrop of the Trier Cathedral with regional and national musicians promise an unforgettable goosebump experience. Through the purchase of support tickets, visitors make it possible for people who would otherwise not have access to concerts due to their financial situation.
The ticket price always includes travel to and from the event by public transport.
So you can look forward to this beautiful event in many respects, because there are

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The next dates

Saturday, 18. September 2021
11:00 AM
Sunday, 19. September 2021
11:00 AM