Timetable Event Highlights 2020

Before celebration and enjoyment, the gods have set listening. So, let’s keep our ears in the wind and listen to the rustling and rushing, the hum and rumble, the hustle and bustle behind the scenes and the boisterous whistling of sparrows from the rooftops.

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Suddenly, we can understand it clearly: The big magnolia at the Brunnenhof tells us about jazz concerts and choir music, about singing artists and guitar sounds on the local summer stage. The stones of the Porta Nigra take the speech and report from international and German stars at exclusive live open airs, from craftsmanship and culinary miles at the markets just outside its gates.

St. Peter waves us from his fountain across to the Hauptmarkt, full of joyful anticipation for the colorful arrangements of the Easter market and the bouquet of flowers tied exclusively for him, which the Lord Mayor will hand over to him with the urgent request for good weather at the beginning of the Old City Festival.

The reverberating bells of St. Gangolf and the mighty Trier Cathedral are also in tune with the new event season: Directly in front of their stony façade, they ring the jingle of wine tastings, games and activities for children and Christmas spirit.

We have listened spellbound ... and now we know: Spring, summer, autumn and winter await us again with diverse colorful and exciting events right in the city center. What is more, however: Even the nearby museums, the theater and the Moselle Music Festival will have exciting events in their program again in 2020.

Therefore, we are happy to draw inspiration from the magnolias and the church towers, the Moselle and the vineyards in their joyful anticipation. And we can hardly wait until we are surrounded by music and art, dance and enjoyable activities, chilling days and exhilarating nights. No doubt at all: Listening was worthwhile.

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