Impressions of previous cultural summer openings - © Kultursommer RLP/M. Bellaire
Trier for All

Westward - Opening of the Rhineland-Palatinate Summer of Culture

Summer is always a reason to look forward. The Summer of Culture even a little bit more: every year it brings regional, national and international groups to Trier, gleames with street theatre and acrobatics, entertains with music and dance, pulsates with a wide variety of performances and offers of enjoyment with a good mood guarantee. For the second time since 2005, Trier is hosting the opening of the Rhineland-Palatinate Summer of Culture. As the most westerly city in our federal state, this year's motto is literally written all over us: "Compass Europe: Westwards".
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Trier has identified itself with being in the heart of Europe at least since the abolition of European borders. The programme from 12 to 14 May in the Palastgarten and around the Constantine Basilica will therefore also be borderless.

We will be supported by the Trier Theatre, which, for the second time and in cooperation with the Théâtre National du Luxembourg, will offer a refreshing, top-class cultural programme for three days on the Kornmarkt: Street theatre, new circus, physical theatre, music programme, installations, walking acts, dance, puppetry and other exciting artistic programmes and actions will break the bonds of known street art.

Together with the opening of the Kultursommer, the 2nd weekend in May offers a varied, turbulent, spontaneous and culturally spoilt to the hilt adventure that is already breaking all boundaries in its anticipation - not only westwards, but in all directions.

More information awaits you here soon!

Header: Kultursommer RLP/M. Bellaire
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