Roman Imperial Throne Room (Konstantin-Basilika)

The so-called Basilika, Constantine's throne room, is the largest surviving single-room structure from Roman times. The Romans wanted the architecture to express the magnificence and might of the emperor.

Unbelievable size: 32.6 m (107 ft) wide, 36 m (118 ft) high, and 71 m (233 ft) long!

This depth is magnified by an optical illusion - both the windows of the apse as well as the niches underneath become progressively smaller towards the middle, thus enhancing the impression of length.

Later on, the archbishop used it as his administrative center and it was enlarged by three palace wings after 1614 (Rococo wing remodeled in 1761 by J. Seitz, sculptures by F. Tietz; today District Administration, see back cover). 

Since the middle of the 19th century, it has been used as the first and oldest Protestant church in Catholic Trier with a splendid organ answered by a seven-second echo.

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