BrunnenHof Concerts

Many different concerts are held at the medieval Brunnenhof every year during the months of May to September. The special ambience and the charm of the courtyard lure in many visitors to stay for a while, listen to a concert, meet friends and just enjoy!

Sheer re-creation - and that directly downtown next to the Porta Nigra. We, Trier Tourism and Marketing, welcome you to the Trier Summer and to the event series "BrunnenHof Concerts." The musical spectrum fits the city perfectly, a city which provides diverse attractive offers for visitors.

We present not only choirs and music associations from the city or the region for our "BrunnenHof Concerts"; many international guest performers are pleased to have a performance opportunity. Here is where choirs, music associations, and orchestras can demonstrate their excellence.

Admission to these concerts is free.

These are the dates for this year's concert series "BrunnenHof Concerts".

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