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Trier has many interesting sights to offer. We have put together the most interesting sights and museums just for you.


Porta Nigra
The Porta Nigra (Black Gate) is Trier’s landmark. The Romans built it in the 2nd century AD out of huge sandstone blocks which weighed up to 6 tons and were held together by iron clamps. From up on top, you’ll have a great view of the city.
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A tip for insiders: Embark on a thrilling and amusing journey through time with a Roman centurion, portrayed by a professional actor, and uncover the Secrets of the Porta Nigra.

Roman Imperial Baths
A Roman bath from the 4th century AD. During your visit, explore and discover the far-reaching subterranean passageways with furnaces for heating along with the impressive outer walls.
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The Amphitheater, built in the 1st century AD, used to seat 20,000 spectators. It was used all the way into the 5th century for bloody gladiator fights, animal baiting, and executions. Such gruesome events do not exist anymore today.
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Konstantin-Basilika / Imperial Throne Room
The so-called Basilika was the throne room of Emperor Constantine. It was built in AD 310 and is the largest single room to survive from ancient times not supported by columns. When you are in the Basilika, look up to the ceiling. Do you see the wooden boxes? Each measures 130 square feet/12 square meters, and is therefore as large as a typical child’s room! Even the Porta Nigra would fit into the Basilika without problems.
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Trier Cathedral is the oldest bishop’s church in Germany. How about going on a search for the church mice in the Cathedral? And in the end, you have to slide down the Cathedral Stone, that’s an old tradition! The Cathedral Stone lies to the left of the main entrance.
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Archaeological Museum (Landesmuseum)
If you want to get to know the lives of the Romans, then you’ve come to the right place. Here you can find the largest gold coin hoard in the world with about 2,600 coins, colorful Roman mosaics, impressive burial monuments, and a large model of Trier in Roman times. The Archaeological Museum also has special audio guides for children which you can use when you go through the museum. Just ask for them at the museum’s cash desk.
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A tip for insiders: In the Realm of Shadows – a complete room in the Archaeological Museum turns into a film set and offers a unique cinematic 360° wraparound experience for 45 thrilling minutes.

Toy Museum
Here’s where you’ll find more than 5,000 exhibits ranging from ancient to modern times such as tin figures, trains, pewter figures, dolls and dollhouses, stuffed animals, steam engines, and much more.
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A tip for insiders: How about exploring the Toy Museum with a thrilling museum scavenger hunt? You can download it from the webpage of the Toy Museum.

City Museum
In our City Museum, you will discover precious artworks and sculptures, intricate porcelain, and East Asian carvings as well as everyday implements from the Middle Ages to the 19th century. Use the free children’s audio guide and find out which people made history in Trier and how the citizens of Trier lived in previous centuries.
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