Children & Families - Excursions

Here’s a list of several tips for excursions in Trier and the surrounding area.

… within the area of the city

Trier’s “backyard mountain” is Petrisberg mountain. It rises to the east of the city center and is one of the most favorite destinations for an excursion. Here you can run wild to your heart’s content while your parents relax in a café or restaurant or on one of the sunbathing lawns. You can check out your surroundings from the freely accessible Luxembourg Tower before “conquering” one of the many playgrounds (water, climbing, and forest playgrounds). You can also do sports, for example, beach volleyball, basketball, or you can skate at the “GKN skating facility.”
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A tip for insiders: You will find the Lotto-Forum right next to the Luxembourg Tower. Events take place here during the summer months, some of them especially events for kids. You can find an overview of the events here.

Weisshauswald (White House Forest)
The Weisshauswald is just a few minutes away from the city center, featuring a game preserve, a playground, and an educational forest trail, a house with information about forestry, a forest rope course, and many walking and hiking trails. You will have a great view of the Moselle river and Trier itself from the so-called boulder trail.

Trampolines Trier
Expect to find a spectacular play and adventure world at Trampolines Trier. The XXXL indoor leisure park for the whole family offers many highlights in its 53,000 square feet/5000 square meters: rollercoaster, bumper cars, Butterfly ride, kid’s train, trampoline, mini-trampoline, XXL swing, roller slide, volcano, toddler area, und much more. A theme eatery completes what’s on offer.

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… in the surrounding area

Hiking Tour

The Trier Holiday Region has turned into a true hiking paradise in recent years. Numerous premium hiking trails, Dream Loops, and extra tours offer eventful hiking for you and your family. For a real adventure, take a hike through the Butzerbach valley (about 9 miles/15 km from Trier). Your hike will lead you across suspension bridges, board walkways, and up and down ladders, past waterfalls through a gorgeous creek valley. You can find more information on this tour here.

A tip for insiders: How about going on a pack mule hike through the “highlands” between the Saar and Moselle rivers? The two mules Bilbo and Gandalf live in the little village of Mannebach (about 12 miles/20 km from Trier), where they’re just waiting to take you on an unforgettable hiking tour. You can find more information at

Cycling Tour

How about a cycling tour along the Moselle, Saar, Kyll, Sûre, or Ruwer rivers? You can find all necessary information for a beautiful cycling tour, tour suggestions, and much more here. You can rent appropriate bicycles for your tour in the bicycle garage at the Porta Nigra.

Roman Villas

An absolute necessity for all young and older fans of the Romans among you is a visit to one of the many Roman villas in the region around Trier. There you will find out how luxuriously many a Roman lived. The following Roman villas lie in the region surrounding Trier:

Folklore and Open-Air Museum Roscheider Hof (about 6 miles/10 km from Trier)

You will find unique insights into the everyday life of past times on the 54 acres/22 hectares of the open-air museum and the 43,000 square feet/4,000 square meters of museum rooms. In the school exhibition, for example, you will hear about the conditions in which a school class from 1912 had to learn. Many further small exhibitions on such topics as winegrowing, village life, and commerce bring the past back to life.
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A tip for insiders: At the entrance, ask for the exploration sheets for different age groups – this will make your walk through the museum all the more thrilling.

Triolago Leisure lake (about 9 miles/15 km from Trier)

At the leisure lake Triolago, you will find varied leisure offerings. Prepare for a richly varied excursion thanks to the toboggan run, a water skiing facility, soccer and putt-putt golf, Segway tours, and, of course, swimming in the lake. You can find more information atß.

Aquarium in Wasserbillig (about 11 miles/18 km from Trier)

Discover the wonderful underwater world of the seas and rivers. In the little border town of Wasserbillig (Luxembourg), you can admire the natural habitats of freshwater and saltwater fish from five continents in two 10,000 gallon/40,000 liter pools and 11 medium-sized aquariums. You will even find Nemo in one of them. You can find further information at

Show mine in Fell (about 12 miles/20 km from Trier)

Descend into the depths of the mine in Fell, and let a mining guide explain to you how the miners used to work.
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Butterfly Garden (about 15 miles/24 km from Trier)

In the Luxembourg town of Grevenmacher, you can experience hundreds of exotic butterflies up close in the Butterfly Garden (“Jardin des Papillons”). With a constant air temperature of 80° F/27° C and 70% humidity, the tropical garden for butterflies from all over the world is an island paradise on the banks of the Moselle river.
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Eifel Park (about 22 miles/35 km from Trier)

You can experience a day full of action and fun in the game and leisure park. Observe the bears, wolves, lynxes, ibexes, and many other wild animals; experience the birds of prey in an exhilarating air show, and accompany the keepers when they feed the lynxes, bears, and wolves.
Get into the action zooming down into the valley on the Eifel Coaster, riding the swing carousel, or on the slide paradise. Wrap it all up visiting one of our entertainment shows.
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Aircraft Exhibition in Hermeskeil (about 24 miles/38 km from Trier)

Discover more than 100 actual airplanes, helicopters, and aviation equipment with your family. The showpiece is the Concorde, a former supersonic airliner.
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Parc Merveilleux (about 37 miles/60 km from Trier)

An animal and fairytale park in Bettembourg (Luxembourg). Though you won’t find any large zoo animals like elephants, giraffes or lions here, there is more than enough to discover. Nearly 200 different kinds of animals from five continents live in the park. Moreover, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, and their friends will tell you of their adventures. Fairground rides, playgrounds, a labyrinth, and much more will turn a day in the park into a wonderful experience.
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