Christmassy City Walking Tour – Costume Tour through the Wintry City

We’ll have to admit we don’t know much about the historical St. Nicolas, but the legends that surround him are bizarre: That he still fills good children’s stockings with gifts is said to be related, for example, to the story that he once threw a lump of gold through the window of a house on three evenings one after another. A poor man lived in the house with his three daughters. The generous dowry achieved results: All three daughters were thus able to be married off.

Even if the substance of this legend is uncertain, one thing is clear: As bishop, Nicolas certainly didn’t run around in red and white garb. That’s why Trier guide Heinz Fischer will appear in the classic form with miter, bishop’s crozier, and purple robe. In his bag, he has a whole host of exciting Christmas stories hidden behind some of Trier’s doors. You’ll hear all about them in the tour. The Porta Nigra also has a relationship to St. Nicolas and can be visited inside on request.

about 2 hours

Meeting point:
Tourist Information Trier

€ 110.00 (tour only in German), plus admission to Porta Nigra, if applicable

Group size: a maximum of 30

Can be booked: 
during the pre-Christmas season (Advent)

Booking address:
Trier Tourismus und Marketing GmbH - Tourist Information Trier, An der Porta Nigra, 54290 Trier
tel. +49 651 9780820 or 9780821 or 9780852, fax +49 651 9780859,

The booking order must be in writing (by e-mail, booking form, fax or letter). Bookings are possible only with your complete address.

Contact persons:

  • Petra Becker
    Petra Becker
  • Martina Hölzemer
    Martina Hölzmer

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