Tracing the Reformation in Trier

The 500th anniversary year of the Reformation also reminds us that dramatic events were played out in Trier as well, in 1559/1560, creating a great furor; the history of the Church in the Rhineland was very nearly altered. These events will be outlined during a city walking tour. For example, the Gothic house in Grabenstrasse 13 (a fashion store today) has a varied history. Following the expulsion of the Protestants from Trier, the mother of the reformer Caspar Olevian ran a bakery in the middle of town for 25 years afterwards and made the vaulted cellar available as a secret place of assembly with a pulpit - a catacomb church in Trier during the Counterreformation.

Casper Olevian Hall, house in Grabenstrasse 13, Fleischstrasse (Jakobsspitälchen), Konstantin-Basilika

approx. 1.5 - 2 hours

Meeting point:
entrance to Caspar-Olevian Hall

€ 100.00 in German / € 110.00 in other languages

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