The Trier Holiday Region has developed into a true paradise for cyclists in recent years, no matter whether it’s just plain old cyclists, family cyclists, racing cyclists, mountain bikers, or sports cyclists!

Nestled in charming surroundings, with the hills and forests of the Eifel and the Hunsrück as well as the unique river valleys of Moselle, Saar, Ruwer, Kyll, and Sûre, the fascinating landscape, both natural and man-made, exercises an irresistible attraction on all cyclists. Premium cycling trails such as the Moselle Cycling Trail, the Ruwer-Hochwald Cycling Trail, or the Kyll Valley Cycling Trail invite you to pleasurable cycling tours: the hills of the Eifel and the Hunsrück to challenging mountain bike and racing cycle tours.

Insider tip: With its dense network of cycling trails, the Trier Holiday Region is tailor-made for cycling in all directions from Trier. For example, with our package Wine romance by boat and bicycle, you can discover the river valleys of the Moselle and Saar.