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The Trier Holiday Region has a well-developed network of cycling trails and thus offers ideal prerequisites for all cyclists. The trails lead through the impressive river valleys of the Moselle, Saar, and other river valleys or across the heights of the Eifel and the Hunsrück mountains.

Insider tip: Special bicycle buses are used on many routes, the so-called RegioRadler buses. The buses bring you and your bicycle relaxed up to the heights or back to the starting point of your tour.
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Moselle Cycling Trail

The Moselle Cycling Trail leads through one of the most impressive riverscapes in Europe. Length: 170 mi/275 km
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Kyll Valley Cycling Trail

ADFC Quality Cycling Trail from Kronenburg in the Eifel to the Roman City of Trier.
Length: 79 mi/128 km
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Saar Cycling Trail

Quality cycling routes with 4 stars from Konz, where Moselle and Saar meet, to Saargemünd, France. Length: 68 mi/110 km
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Ruwer-Hochwald Cycling Trail

Railroad line trails par excellence: Where earlier trains rolled, bicycles roll today along the Ruwer to the heights of the Hunsrück. Length: 29 mi/48 km
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Sûre Valley Cycling Trail

The cycling trail leads along the Sûre, sometimes on the German, sometimes on the Luxembourg side.
Length: 37 mi/61 km
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Wittlicher Senke Cycling Trail

The Wittlicher Senke Cycling Trail connects the towns of Wittlich and Schweich on the Moselle.
Length: 18 mi/30 km
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Salm Valley Cycling Trail

The cycling trail from Dreis in the Eifel to Klüsserath on the Moselle is about 10.5 mi/17 km long.
Length: 10.5 mi/17 km
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Velo-Route SaarLorLux

Cycling-hiking route in the Three Corners where Germany, France, and Luxembourg meet.
Länge: 351 mi/565 km
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