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All-day group excursions in the Trier Holiday Region
Trier offers itself as a starting point for becoming acquainted with the regions of the Moselle and Saar River Valleys, the Eifel and Hunsrück Mountains but also neighbouring European regions of Luxembourg, Lorraine and Belgium. There is much to discover... Excursion can be planned in your own coach or in one hired for you by us.

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Times and Fees:
The normal excursion lasts about 8 hours (e.g. 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.) and can be extended - with prior notice. The fee for this period is € 200.00 (in German), € 210.00 (in other languages), each hour thereafter an additional € 40.00.

Suggestions for the day’s program:

Luxembourg - Echternach

Possible program points: Luxembourg Upper Moselle to Remich, Luxembourg City with coach tour (banking district, European Union facilities), and tour of the Old City, Luxembourg's "Little Switzerland" (Mueller Valley), Echternach, Igel (Igel Column).

Luxembourg - Vianden

Possible program points: Luxembourg City with coach tour (banking district, European Union facilities) and tour of the Old City, Diekirch, Vianden (Old Town, castle, hydroelectric plant), German-Luxembourg Nature Park.

UNESCO World Heritage in the Greater Region

From the Gibraltar of the North, the fortress city of Luxembourg, to the dinosaur of the industrial age, the steel mills in Völklingen.
Possible program points: sightseeing in the Luxembourg Old City, with fortress wall and underground fortress galleries (casemates), drive through the Luxembourg South (Gutland), the Upper Moselle Valley, the Saar Region into the center of the Saarland heavy industry, sightseeing through the historical industrial facilities, the Völklingen Iron and Steel Works.

Upper Moselle - Saar River

Possible program points: Gladiator mosaic in Nennig, Saar Region (with panorama view of the Saar Bend) to Mettlach (Keravision at Villeroy & Boch), Saarburg (walk through the old town, climb to Saarburg Castle), Tawern (Roman temple district).

Roman Villas in the Trier Countryside

The numerous farming estates with their often splendid villas surrounding Trier provided this Roman city with food supplies. The excavations at these estates have been protected, partially reconstructed, or reconstructed for future use. Individuals or groups may visit villas such as the ones in Longuich, Otrang, Bollendorf, Echternach, Nennig, or Borg.

Volcanic Eifel Mountains

Possible program points: Cistercian monastery Himmerod, Manderscheid spa, Volcanic Eifel centre with maars.

Nürburg Ring Car Racing Course, Eltz Castle and Moselle

Possible program points: Daun, Nürburg Ring Race Track, medieval Monreal, Eltz Castle, Cochem.

The Romantic Central Moselle

Possible program points: Bernkastel-Kues (Old Town, Wine Museum, Cusanus House), Traben-Trarbach - the art nouveau town - Zell, Beilstein, Cochem (Imperial Castle, old town).

Cultural and Hiking Tour on the Central Moselle

A drive from Trier through the charming landscape of the Central Moselle Valley to Neumagen-Dhron, the “Pergamon” of the Moselle (because of the many archaeological finds in the 19th century), a walk on the “via archaeologica”, a continuing drive to Bernkastel-Kues, walking tour of the town with, among other things, the Cusanus Foundation, St. Michael’s Church, Market Square, the “Doctor” vineyard. Following a lunch break, a guided hike (4.8 mi/8 km) of about two hours across the heights above the Moselle to the art nouveau spa Traben-Trarbach. After arrival, a choice of

a) Moselle boat excursion through the lock and return (about € 18.00 per person) to Bernkastel-Kues, from there in the direction of Trier via one of the loveliest panorama roads on the Moselle (Minheim-Klausen)

b) from Traben-Trarbach continuation with the bus through the Romantic Moselle Valley via Zell, Alf, Beilstein to Cochem, the “pearl” of the Central Moselle, brief stop and/or a brief walk through town. Return to Trier on the autobahn.

Along the Gemstone Road

Possible program points: Algenroth (tour through a gemstone mine), Idar-Oberstein (tour through Oberstein, visit to the gemstone cutter's, and the gemstone museum), Herrstein.

Lorraine and its Capital City Metz

Possible program points: Schengen ("Schengen Treaty"), Sierck-les-Bains (castle fortifications), Thionville, Metz (city tour, Cathedral, Old City).

The Battlefields of Verdun

The region around the Lorraine city Verdun experienced one of the most horrible battles of WWI. A bus tour around the battlefield with the memorial cemetery and the charnel house of Douaumont demonstrates what madness war is capable of.

Further Destinations:

Trier can, of course, be the starting point for further all-day excursions.

Please note that not all those places named in the program suggestions can be visited within eight hours. Rather, under some circumstances, it may be necessary to make a selection.

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