Franco`s Tower

Go from the Main Market along the Steipe and the "Red House" into Dietrichstrasse, and after about 50 m (50 yds) you will arrive at Franco's Tower.

This structure from the 11th century was erected in a fashion typical of the Roman era, that is, alternating layers of cut stone and bricks.

It is the only such structure whose purpose is still recognisable, that of a residential tower. Its name comes from Franco of Senheim, who lived there in the 14th century. Presumably, in the beginning, there was no entrance at ground level. In 1308, the building was reduced by half, and the upper storeys were replaced by a lean-to roof; in 1938, Franco's Tower was reconstructed to its original form.

Or maybe you are looking for just the right place for your festivities? Franco’s tower is also available for events.

The Devil in Trier

The Devil in Trier - Adventure performance at four locations

Following the downfall of Rome, the age of the mystical Middle Ages began in Trier as well - an era full of dark myths and the fear of the magical power of the Devil. In pious Trier, of all places, the Prince of Darkness is attempting to gain sway over souls - with a thousand tricks and seductive arts. Even when the Cathedral was being built, he got in on the act. Possessed nuns, swashbuckling Crusaders, witchcraft, and a baffling murder of a bishop will lead the spectators into the dark, fabled world of the Middle Ages in Trier.

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