Grimburg Castle

Built by the Trier archbishops around 1190, formerly administrative castle for almost 40 Hochwald Mountain villages, town charter in the 14th century. Taken by Franz of Sickingen in 1522, later site of the witch trials in Grimburg, awakened from its centuries-long sleep in 1978; unearthed with partial reconstruction still underway, popular destination for hikers.

Opening hours:
Open year round.

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A Journey into the Middle Ages
Learn about the castle with our trained guides. You’ll learn about people and their lives in the Middle Ages.

Tours through the castle:

  • For groups / school classes 
  • Games of knights and witches for children / adolescents 
  • The rather different fairy-tale hour
  • An afternoon at the castle
  • Knights’ banquet

Rustic overnight stay in the gate tower
Weddings at Grimburg Castle

Castle and Witches Museum
The Castle and Witches Museum was opened in September 2005  by the Friends of Grimburg Castle Association in a farmhouse from the 18th century restored by the community.

The castle museum houses primarily the history concerning the former Trier electoral state castle from then to the present along with regional history.

In the Witches Museum, visitors gain an insight into the era of the witch burnings in the region. The museum displays torture methods and tells of individual fates, what happened to the men and women here.

Opening hours:
Saturday and Sunday: 2:00 – 5:00 p.m.
November 1 to March 31: only on Sundays

Tourist-Information Hermeskeil
Langer Markt 30, 54411 Hermeskeil, tel. +49 6503 95350, e-mail:

Groups and special tours by prior appointment.