Group city tours

Over 130 qualified guides are available for tours through Trier in more than 15 languages. Open public tours offer you the entire spectrum of eventful Trier history. This offer can be supplemented by numerous special theme tours - Trier is full of diversity!

City walking tours

  • General interest tours
    The general city tours offer you the entire spectrum of eventful Trier history.
  • Roman Trier
    Roman history in Germany is nowhere so visible as in Trier – and we want to show it all to you.
  • Tours through museums and monuments
    View world-class archaeological exhibits during a tour through the Trier Archaeological Museum. Learn about a monument in a tour (for example, the Porta Nigra or the Cathedral), its construction, its function, and its history.
  • Christian / Medieval Trier
    Trier was a very early center of Christianity and a significant spiritual center during the entirety of the Middle Ages.
  • Tour Offers about Karl Marx
    We have put together an exciting selection of tours about Triers most famous native son, Karl Marx.
  • Wine tours
    Experience a quality tour of Trier by vintners and trained wine guides who will show you the important wine and sparkling wine region on the Moselle.
  • Various other special tours
    And we have still more to offer: whether it’s tours to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, tours in the Footsteps of Karl Marx, or tours through Trier by Night – you’ll find additional tours with interesting aspects.

Adventure performances

  • Secrets of the Porta Nigra
    A thrilling journey through the millennia in the Porta Nigra with a centurion in all his glory in his parade uniform.
  • The Gladiator Valerius
    Gladiator Valerius will show his guests the Trier Amphitheater and tell about his everyday life as a gladiator.
  • The Devil in Trier
    A fabulous adventure performance through the mystical Middle Ages. Visit four spooky places at an evening hour.