House of the Three Magi

On the way along Simeonstrasse you will notice the unusual building on the left, the House of the Three Magi (Dreikoenigenhaus), built around 1230 when Trier's medieval city wall was not yet finished.

Each house had to defend itself and the entrance was the »window« on the right, accessible only by ladder or wooden staircase that could be pulled up (Trier still has six such Romanesque residential towers, the Frankenturm / Dietrichstrasse from around 1100 being the oldest).

The doors level with the street are modern; there is a café inside, Graham Greene's bakerie in The Name of Action; the color scheme of the house, however, is the recreation of considerable original remains.

Please note: The House of the Three Magi can be viewed only from the outside; it contains a café, however.