3 Days in Trier!

What all can you experience in Trier in three days? Here are a few suggestions to better plan your trip to Germany's oldest city:

  • Trierer Viez
    Trierer Viez
  • Das benachbarte Luxemburg
    Das benachbarte Luxemburg
  • Amphitheater
  • Kaiserthermen
  • Landesmuseum Trier
    Landesmuseum Trier
  • Fischer-Stadtteil Zurlauben
    Fischer-Stadtteil Zurlauben
  • Kurfürstliches Palais
    Kurfürstliches Palais

Day 1:

You can go on a walking tour all by yourself or take part in a scheduled city tour. They begin at 10:30 a.m. at the Porta Nigra (in German) and last about 2 hours.
More information on our scheduled city tours for individual guests

Walk from the end of your tour - from the Imperial Baths - into the city center and enjoy a really relaxed lunch. Now you have time for an extended shopping expedition through the Trier pedestrian zone.   

Now how about a visit to the picturesque old fishermen's district Zurlauben? Have a seat in one of the lovely garden restaurants - with a view directly onto the Moselle. Between April and the end of October, you can take a boat excursion. The departure dock is only a few steps away! Choose the date you want to come and pick out your preferred route even before you get here: www.trier-today.de

A real highlight could be at the end of the eventful day: visit a performance with the Gladiator Valerius in the Roman Amphitheater (Friday-Sunday). In the fight arena, the gladiator visits the gloomy passages, the cellar and dungeon with you and thrills with his tales of his life as a gladiator (performance in German). Because of the limited number of participants, advance reservation is highly recommended.
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Day 2:

In the morning you have the opportunity of visiting the Cathedral Museum, the Roman Archaeological Museum or the Toy Museum.

For the afternoon, we recommend the wine-growers' district of Trier-Olewig, where you can taste noble wines.

For the evening, you'll have to make a big decision! Trier Theater, Trier Arena, and the Europa Hall offer a large variety of events and performances - or go on a stroll to the many Trier pubs and bars. Have you tried Trier's "national" drink - Viez, the local hard cider? All dates at a glance: www.trier-today.de

Day 3:

Rent a bicycle and undertake a day tour along the lovely cycling trails on the Moselle or Saar ... or go on a train excursion or in your car into neighboring Luxembourg. Driving to Luxembourg City takes about 45 minutes. In case of bad weather, you could substitute a day of relaxation and wellness in one of Trier’s “wellness temples”.

In the evening, you could round off an eventful day of sports activity with a typical Trier or even a Roman dinner.