Salve - Willkommen ! (ER)Lebenswertes Trier! Älteste Stadt Deutschlands! 8 x Welterbe Trier – Zentrum der Antike

Date: last weekend of September
Time: 7 p.m. - 12 midnight

Location: t.b.a.

When tree tops suddenly mysteriously gleam, when architecture reveals its hidden secrets through projections, when grassy areas are overtaken by tall Chinese lanterns, soft music wafts through the hedges, and the entire area sparkles for a few hours – then the Illuminale has once again taken over a new playing field. The light festival has been a highlight of late summer since 2011, lighting up the eyes of not only children: 10 to fifteen thousand stream year for year to different parts of the city and its green spaces, where the Illuminale permits them to shine in a completely new light.

When darkness falls, hedges, trees, and buildings will be "staged" as never before: with sometimes white, sometimes colorful, sometimes bright, sometimes soft, sometimes small, sometimes large, sometimes projected, and sometimes transparent light from thousands of LEDs and spotlights. Lanterns, arc lights, star lanterns, swimming candles, and colorful projections. No matter whether it’s Petrisberg mountain, the Moselle embankment, the Palace Garden, or Nell’s Park, Neustrasse, or Imperial Baths: Every year the Illuminale seemingly transforms well-known spaces into mystical, enchanting magic worlds. Together with diverse performances by light artists, dancers, or artists, the Illuminale creates a festival by Trier townspeople for Trier townspeople with family-friendly food and drink and laid-back music, where visitors’ interaction and ideas of inclusion play a significant role.
Three times in the past – 2014, 2016 und 2017 – the Illuminale has been held in cooperation with the City Campus of the Trier University of Applied Sciences, which has presented its current projects and research results up close and transparent for the entire family. So it’s that time again. The university booths and the most varied illuminations will alternate under the slogan "City Campus Meets Illuminale: Knowledge Lets There Be Light!"

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