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Tour Offers about Karl Marx

In 2018, Trier celebrated the 200th birthday of its most famous native son, Karl Marx, with the grand state exhibition "Karl Marx 1818-1883. Life. Works. Time."

The Trier Tourismus and Marketing GmbH has put together an exciting selection of tours and offers for travel groups. We’ll take you on a journey through time back into the 19th century and show you numerous facets of life in Trier at the time of Karl Marx:

Karl Marx Tour – Literature and Truth

as a "special edition" of the popular "Tracking the truth" tour

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How Wine Turned Karl Marx Communist

When it came to wine, Karl Marx was a Trier native through and through.

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Trier in the 19th Century

A wealthy segment of townspeople grew up under French government - until 1815.

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Jewish Trier

The tour leads from the Simeonstift Foundation to the old Jewish quarter.

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Places of Poverty in Trier

Housing and living conditions hardly imaginable today prevailed in Trier’s slums.

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On the Traces of Migration in Trier

In the course of its history, Trier has always been marked anew by stimulus from the outside.

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A play for following along by Johannes Kram, in cooperation with the Trier Theater

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