Karl Marx Statue

A grand gift for the city’s probably most famous native son: the statue of Karl Marx was given to Trier by the People’s Republic of China on the occasion of the anniversary year 2018. The sculpture was created in bronze by the well-known Chinese sculptor Wu Weishan. On the occasion of Karl Marx’s 200th birthday, the statue was ceremoniously unveiled on May 5, 2018, followed by a large festival.

The statue shows Marx with his inimitable full beard, frock coat, and a book under his left arm. In the artist’s interpretation, Marx encounters the observer as a person of flesh and blood who walks alongside. Haircut and beard characterize the philosopher, and the book is symbolic of mankind becoming more “educated.”

The entire height of the statue is 18 ft (5.5 m), including the base. The five corners of the rounded-off base symbolize the important places associated with the philosopher: Trier, Berlin, Hamburg (publisher’s headquarters), Paris, and London.

The statue stands on Simeonstiftplatz directly behind the City Museum and within view of the Marx family’s home in Simeonstrasse.