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Karl Marx Tour – Literature and Truth

As a "special edition" of the popular "Tracking the truth" tour, this entertaining tour will see a city guide serve up some exciting stories about Karl Marx – and it’s up to you to decide when he’s fibbing and when he’s telling the truth. The winner can look forward to Karl Marx Year as a certified Marx expert! The tour starts at the Karl Marx House and ends near the Porta Nigra.

approx. 90 min

Meeting Point:
Karl Marx Haus, Brückenstr.10, Trier


€ 100.00

Maximum number of participants: 25 persons, from 16 years

Please note: No visit inside Karl Marx House during this tour.

Booking address:
Trier Tourismus und Marketing GmbH - Tourist Information Trier, An der Porta Nigra, 54290 Trier
tel. +49 651 9780820 or 9780821, fax +49 651 9780859

The booking order must be in writing (by e-mail, booking form, fax or letter). Bookings are possible only with your complete address.

Contact persons:

  • Petra Becker
    Petra Becker
  • Martina Hölzemer
    Martina Hölzmer

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