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A play for following along by Johannes Kram,
in cooperation with the Trier Theater
- only in German -

What would the young Karl Marx say about this gigantic monument from China which is to memorialize him only a few yards/meters from his former home by the Porta Nigra? That's exactly the question asked in this entertaining and moving mobile play “Marx! Love! Revolution." It is the fictitious encounter by the 17-year-old Karl Marx with his historical super-ego and the cult of veneration accorded him. The teenager comes upon the monument to the man he will one day become. The boy rails away at the old man as far as getting into a real conflict, literally out on the street. The play is a fast-paced theater event that takes us into the Trier of the beginning of the 19th century, that entangles us in an energetic, intellecturally stimulating play performed at original sites, where we become a part of history. The play invites us to imagine the world of the man who one day would change the world from the perspective he had on the day of his high school graduation exam. The audience accompanies the 17-year-old Karl Marx through Trier on his last path to school on the day of his graduation. He has great plans: Change the world. And win over Jenny. But she’s supposed to marry a rich nobleman. However, Karl has something that’s more powerful than money…
The author of the “follow along” play is the Trier native author, librettist, and blogger Johannes Kram. The former manager of Guildo Horn, dementi! proprietor, and co-organizer of the Trier Prince concert of 1992 is, among other things, lead author of the arte television film “Shakespear’s Last Round” and the the author of the one-man play “Side One,” which thus far has been produced in seven different stagings (for example, with Ingold Lück and Boris Aljinovic) and has been viewed in over 40 German cities. In 2016, he received a Grimme Online Award-nomination for his Nollendorf blog.

Every Saturday (May-October) at 2 p.m., start at the Karl Marx statue

about 1 hour


Tickets online buchen

adults €13.90
reduced (children ages 6 to 14, school students, students) €9.90
Families (parents + up to 4 children between ages 6 to 18) €35.00
adults in group of at least 5 €12.90

Simeonstift, Porta Nigra, Main Market, Kornmarkt Square, Jesuit church, Neustrasse, Viehmarkt Square, birthplace in Brückenstrasse

Booking address:
Trier Tourismus und Marketing GmbH - Karl Marx Büro,
Mrs. Melanie Becker, An der Porta Nigra, 54290 Trier
tel. +49 651 9780852, fax +49 651 9780859

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