Are you interested in buying fresh regional produce? The Farmers’ Market at Viehmarkt Square, sometimes at Augustinerhof, the evening market (new starting April 17) at Viehmarkt Square, and the daily market at Main Market offer you the perfect opportunity: Fruits, vegetables, bakery products, gourmet articles, and much more are available from local and regional vendors.

Farmers' Market
The Farmers' Market is normally held Tuesdays and Fridays at Viehmarkt Square. If the Tuesday or Friday falls on a holiday, the market is moved a day ahead. If Viehmarkt Square is occupied by an event, the Farmers' Market moves to Augustinerhof.
The current Farmers' Market times can be found here.

Evening Market
It's quitting time, and you’re off for the evening. That's why the new Trier Evening Market integrated that in its name. Starting April 17, 2019, its open-air stands at Viehmarkt Square will always be open on Wednesdays (except on May1, May 29, and June 5), offering a colorful palette of fresh food and regional produce from 4-8 p.m. All that alone would be good enough reason for a great evening. But added to all that, Trier wine producers will present week for week in rotation their best cellar treasures, and Viez, the local apple wine, will always make an appearance. The bars and restaurants surrounding the square are naturally a part of the enjoyment as well. A reason to celebrate at quitting time, all according to Trier taste.
The current Evening Market dates are available here.

Daily Market
A market is held workdays (Monday through Saturday) on Main Market, offering fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

More info on all markets in Trier is available here.