St. Matthias Park (Mattheiser Weiher)

Located near the monastery St. Matthias in the southern section of "Augusta Treverorum", a stretch of pastoral landscape offers a refuge for the friends of nature and allotment gardening. 

The church St. Matthias stands as a prominent landmark amidst green spaces reaching from the Moselle to the popular park "Mattheiser Weiher" (fish ponds).Since the 1950's, this "South Trier People's Park" with its 1.5 ha (3.7 acres) has served as a recreational area and nature preserve, containing trees up to 180 years old. Of special interest are the black alders, swamp cypresses and willows, but the sorb apple trees represent a dendrological peculiarity. They were planted about 150 years ago not out of botanical interest: the fruit, rich in tannic acid, served as a preservative for "Viez", the tart fruit wine made from red and white Trier crab apples. The first stand of these trees is located near to the park restaurant, next to the "Mill Pond". 

When the area was relandscaped in the 1950's, white and yellow water lilies were planted in the ponds. A small island rises in the middle of the pond, where swans, ducks and other water fowl can retreat to nest. Beyond, where nowadays a children's playground is located, there was a second pond called "Frog Puddle". Surrounding the "Monks' Pond", with its 2.3 ha (over 5.7 acres) the largest of the original ponds, little has changed over the centuries; it maintains its original form and size.

Growing in the silted-up area around the pond's source are bulrushes, reeds, sweet flag, horse-tail, water lilies and other rare species. A large variety of fish lives in the ponds: carp, Prussian carp, river perch and pike. Various species of birds bustle about on the banks of the ponds: reed bunting, reed warbler, blue and great titmouse. With its hedges and old groves of trees, the expansive park landscape offers suitable nesting places for the green and great spotted woodpecker.

The St. Matthias Park has become a paradise for fauna and offers, especially in the summer, leisure possibilities for all nature friends.