Moselle Embankment

On the banks of the Moselle, directly next to the Kaiser Wilhelm Bridge, you can visit an enchanting little lane: Zurlauben Embankment. Also located here is the city dock for excursion boats, some of which come from Cologne or Coblenz. 

Many of the houses there were built before 1800 and formed a small village where originally fishermen and their families lived. Further down towards the Moselle were their small gardens and garden houses. At the end of the grassy river bank, there was a retaining wall, which was torn down in 1930 when the high water embankment was built. 

The quaint character of the Zurlauben embankment has been preserved up to the present. Over the course of the years, a series of restaurants and taverns has become established in the old fishermens’ houses. The space on the river side have been refunctioned into beer gardens where visitors can spend an unforgettable evening.