Naumeter Kopf

South-west of Waldrach, a narrow, spur-like peak abruptly drops 170 m down to Ruwer: this is the Naumeter Kopf. A wooden cross, visible from afar, stands at its front edge, which also provides a spectacular view into the Ruwer Valley.

About 150 m back, this narrow ridge is cut off by an embankment, which is approx. 42 m long and 20 m wide, as well as by a 7-m-wide trench directly behind this.

This complex was undoubtedly made by man, and constitutes a so-called section wall. It served as means of defence for the Naumeter Kopf on the easily-accessible mountain side, because people used this area as a place of refuge in times of need. On its plateau, this "refuge fort" had a usage area measuring around 150 m in length and 25 m in width.

Research conducted to date by the Archaeological Museum (Landesmuseum) leads us to assume that this complex was created during post-Roman times or the early Middle Ages.

The Naumeter Kopf can be accessed from Waldrach via the Förster-Mende hiking path after an approximately 45-minute climb.

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