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Trier Old City Festival: June 28-30, 2019

There are certain dates in the year you just shouldn't miss. You don't need to note it in your calendar because everybody knows when it is. You don't have to ask your friends whether they're going because it goes without question. You don't break with the tradition which says: I'm always there. And when everything is over with, you know: next year again!

The Trier Old City Festival is one such date. There's hardly a die-hard Trierer who would miss this party of parties. And Trier is an especially popular excursion destination for outsider guests on the last weekend in June. Whoever comes for the first time is quite often surprised at the diversity of the music acts, the numerous stages and food service stands, the energy in downtown with thousands of visitor. The only remaining question is how many days are we going on?

Every year the Old City Festival gets around 100,000 people on the move for three days between the Porta and Viehmarkt Square. The Old City Festival is an event of the superlative and the high point of the summer with hundreds of musicians on five main and numerous smaller stages, with diversified live music from jazz and big bands to swing and German hits to rock and pop, with over 100 food service stands along the festival route. No other event in our region shows so many different music highlights in so brief a time or exercises such drawing power..

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Program booklet

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