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10Gladiator - Extreme!

  • Gladiator - Extreme!
  • Gladiator - Extreme!

Three days of hands-on history - dust, sweat, and adrenaline

Your personal coach:
Jan Krüger, Germany's most experienced gladiator!

An exclusive 3-day crash course permits you to experience firsthand what it meant to be a gladiator. Learn everything about the historical background of gladiatorial contests. In the sand of the Trier Amphitheater, 1800 years old, you train the ancient techniques in man-to-man combat to prove yourself against a genuine gladiator, in the end according to Caesar’s “veni, vidi, vici” – I came, I saw, I conquered.

Tip: Here’s a little foretaste: Youtube

  • Includes

    • 3 overnight stays / breakfast in a selected 4-star hotel
    • 3 theory units
    • 2 gladiator midday meals
    • 1 whole-body massage
    • 1 man-to-man combat according to ancient rules
    • A sand floor area will be spread in the Amphitheater just for you.
    • You will be lent a complete gladiator uniform of bronze, including weapon (metal) and shield.
    • You will receive a professional DVD or BluRay of your gladiator fight.
  • Booking

    At least four weeks before arrival

  • This offer can be booked

    May 1 to October 31, 2017

Price Price for accompanying person
(without crash course)
€ 2999.00 on request


Arrival day:
Official welcome in hotel
1 1/2 hours theoretical instruction

Day 1: "Basic Training" (6 1/2 hours)
6 hours training with Roman lunch
(Basic training, weapon and tactic training)

Day 2: "Fight Training" (6 1/2 hours)
6 hours training with Roman lunch
(Weapon and armor training in the sand of Trier Amphitheater)
1 hour whole-body massage

Day 3: "The Fight" (3 hours)
Fight according to Roman rules
(Full contact in complete armor, reproduced in faithful reproduction)

Please note:
The services are conducted in cooperation with the Trier Gladiator School.

Conditions for participation:
physical fitness; sports dress; at least age 21

Contact persons:

  • tl_files/images/ansprechpartner/katharina_mueller.jpg
    Katharina Haubrich
  • tl_files/images/ansprechpartner/antje_kruft.jpg
    Antje Kruft
  • tl_files/images/ansprechpartner/ulla_nolden.jpg
    Ulla Nolden

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