The Green Classroom

During the State Garden Show 2004, the “Green Classroom/Study Room” was an essential element of the program of events. Since that time, more than 20,000 children and adolescents have made use of this offer for education about nature and the environment. Because it was so successful, the “Green Classroom” issues a continuing invitation to knowledge-hungry discoverers to work on learning about sustainable development. 

Trier Tourism and Marketing (ttm) is cooperating this year with the Local Agenda 21 Trier, the Trier Forest area Weisshaus/Pfalzel, the Quint Friends of Nature, the Cross-World Society, the Fairy Tale Studio, Simone Busch, Engel Mathias Koch, Saar Adventure Studio, Wild Herbs & Adventure Worlds, Saar-Hunsrück Nature Park as well as the Broadway movie theater. The event series is supported by the Trier Regional Transit Authority (VRT).

More detailed information on the program points and registration is available at tel. +49 651 97808 30, e-mail:

German brochure “The Green Classroom 2017”

"Walk-On" Geographical Map of Rhineland-Palatinate

The "walk-on" map is composed of original stones from the respective geological areas occurring in Rhineland-Palatinate (Rheinland-Pfalz). These geological areas are greatly simplified, but represented exactly to scale. For example, the course of the Rhine and Moselle rivers have been represented to be walked on or "driven" on (baby carriages, wheelchairs).

The larger landscapes such as the Upper Rhine Valley and the Slate Formations are set off from one another by elevation levels. These elevation levels can be used informally as seating. The walk-on geological map of Rhineland-Palatinate measures about 122 x 89 ft/37 x 27 m. The site is located on a surface below the "Luxembourg Tower" which offers the opportunity of viewing the object from above and thus better capturing the special relationships. Information panels serve to explain the geo map and describe the geology of Rhineland-Palatinate.