Along with places of quiet and relaxation on the fruit tree meadows in the Brettenbach Valley, much information is offered to nature lovers in the area of the "Saddle Park": on a length of about 5 mi/8 km, the Petrisberg nature adventure path offers an interesting walk with information especially on the topics of water and soil as well as on forestry and wine growing. The visitor can learn something here about the natural and man-made environment. Illustrated panels and many interactive elements invite the visitor to join in and get an idea of the exciting happenings in our environment.

The Petrisberg nature adventure path begins in the Saddle Park, leads past the water tower, and ends in the wooded area down by "Franzensknüppchen." The path is one of the many projects arising from cooperation with the University of Trier during the 2004 State Garden Show. A great deal of interesting information can be found on the panels concerning the Trier "water path": it begins at the natural water source on the water playground so popular with children. The Trier Water Path provides a look behind the scenes of Trier's water supply from the city's utilities department and answers some interesting questions:

Why is drinking water a treasure from clouds and rocks? Why has clear water flowed from the water pipes in Trier for 2000 years? What are molecule tracers looking for? What is the special ingredient in nectar of the gods? And why can the visitor receive complete "insight" on the water tower?


The partner gardens or the shrubs running along former Sickingen Street are reminders of the 2004 State Garden Show. Even in the coming years, the visitor to the Petrisberg will be able to admire the glory of the blooming rhododendrons in the Japanese Garden or to gather information about the geological and floral diversity in and around Trier in the Garden of the Region. Only the lovely roses of the Garden Show period are no longer there. However, the comparative rose garden has been replanted in Nell's Park, where it is currently enjoying great popularity and has supplemented the historical rose garden.