The extensive playground offers slides, climbing apparatuses, and play areas for children and the young at heart, whether on the stepped waterfall, with the digger at the wet sand and mud playground, or for activating the senses with the elements of the "senses trail." 

Senses trail

The "senses trail" allows the visitor to consciously experience the individual senses. The spirals will impress the viewer with different appearances according to the direction of the disc. If the viewer looks away from the rotating disc, the eye sees a distorted world. Lithophone (Chinese stone chime) and pipe dendrophone illustrate the sounds of different materials (stone, wood, etc.). The ear is not just an organ of hearing but also one of balance. The single visitor or a group can balance on the balancing disc.

Bare-feet fields

The bare-feet fields with their different surfaces are just waiting to be trodden by bare feet. The fields emancipate civilized feet and train sensual perception and coordination.


During the State Garden Show, the playgrounds were already greatly popular, and parents quickly recognized that a change of clothes was a must for the little ones.

Stepped waterfall

PetrisparkThe stepped waterfall offers a variety of play opportunities, with the Archimedes water screw, flower water sprinklers, pumps, water wheels and scoops, and contains a great number of risks concerning clean clothes, as do the sand and mud play areas below the waterfall. Awaiting the young landscapers are diggers, cranes and bucket excavators.