The sports facility in the Saddle Park below the "Luxembourg Tower" offers variety for all ages. Since mid-March 2005, the Trier sports club FSV Trier-Kürenz, the Trier police sports club, and the Meteor leisure activity team have been training on the sports grounds. But "football" is not the only sports activity available there: along with the firm ground, there are also four beach volleyball fields and a streetball facility. Players can obtain balls free of charge from the caretaker. Joggers will find ideal conditions on the soft Volvo-Finn joint-friendly track along Sickingen Street.

The "GKN Skate Park" has become very popular with the skater scene. Unique in Rhineland Palatinate, this facility was planned by a special company in Switzerland together with skaters from the region according to American models. The facility is suitable for skateboarders, inline skaters, and BMX cyclists, whether beginners or experts, and offers optimal conditions for further "artistic" development.