Playgrounds in Trier

This is a selection of great playgrounds in and around Trier that are especially suited for family and group excursions:

  • Mattheiser Weiher (St. Matthias Ponds):
    Two playgrounds adjacent to each other, meadows for playing, mini-golf facilities, and open-air swimming pool in the vicinity
  • Im Ahlenberg:
    Adventure playground with cable car and basketball net
  • Im falschen Biewertal (in Biewer):
    Near the forest, with ball playing field, White House Forest (Weisshauswald) with game preserve, about 1.2 mi/2 km from Biewer valley
  • Kürenz Park (Alt-Kürenz):
    Palace garden with ball playing field, pond, small brook
  • Mertheswies (Mertes Meadow):
    Playground with large treadmill
  • Johannes-Matthäus-Velter-Strasse:
    Nature playground with water pump, cable car, nest swing
  • Auf der Bausch (Ehrang):
    Adventure playground near the forest with nature-oriented design (stone circle, tree stumps, etc.), ball playing field with basketball net. Especially suited for family and group excursions
  • Im Schammat:
    Playground with ball playing field, basketball area, water play facility 
  • Petrisberg
    Playing tower, water play facility with water terrace, water steps, mud area, inclined play area with horizontally structured play elements, tube slide, and climbing wall

You can find many more playgrounds and their locations here

The somewhat different playground: 4.8 mi/8 km from downtown, accessible by bus, in Trier-Ehrang “Auf der Bausch” – an interesting playground. The children themselves can help plan their playground, a nature-oriented adventure space for children, where they can play and romp carefree, remote from city streets.

Play opportunities in Trier

  • Palace Garden (inner city) 
    The Palace Garden is located near downtown close to the Imperial Baths. The large grassy area offers an invitation to picnic. Along with a play and ball playing field, playground equipment, a mother-child playing corner, and boules field, water fountains provide the necessary cool and fun during the summer.
  • Nell’s Ländchen Park
    The appeal of this park from 1801 is the meandering brooks. The water of the large pond shoots high in fountains, and a small millhouse stands as if enchanted under the venerable old trees. The large grassy area offers ideal grounds for a picnic, and the protective leaf canopy provides play areas with a brook and ball playing field.
  • Kürenz Palace Park
    The city quarter of Kürenz is located not far from downtown and is accessible by bus in only a few minutes. Play areas and inviting picnic meadows are available here in this small but delightful park. Whoever wishes to stay a while far from the crowd should not miss this park.
  • White House Forest (Weisshauswald)
    The White House Forest (Weisshauswald) is located high above the city. Besides the playground equipment, there are different hiking trails, a game preserve, and, of course, picnic areas. And there’s an excellent panoramic view over Trier from the terrace of the so-called Weisshaus.