Public Transportation Museum (Verkehrsmuseum)

The new Public Transportation Museum, opened at the end of September 2005, exhibits selected objects devoted to the public transportation system in Germany's oldest city, all the way up to the present. The oldest exhibited object is a piece of track from 1903, with its fitting accompaniment - even the horseshoe from the horse that pulled the tram way back then.

In the small but interesting museum, you can also see bus drivers' uniforms, neck ties, emblems, service caps
from different decades. Also among the items exhibited are drivers' tools, such as a ticket canceling machine as well as the technology used in former times. Even a regulations handbook from 1906 was "dug up" and is a part of the exhibited objects.

The museum is operated by the Trier Tram Club 1924 (Strassenbahnerverein).


Michael Felgenhauer
tel. +49 651 7173371