Cycling - Racing cycle

The Trier Holiday Region is an ideal terrain for racing cycle enthusiasts because of the incredible variety.

On flat ground, you fans of speedy cycling glide through the river valleys of the Moselle and its tributaries. The miles/kilometers just unwind from themselves. In contrast, the heights of the Eifel and the Hunsrück offer some fiendish hills of up to 18% as well as lightning downhills.

Some tour suggestions follow:

  • Ruwer-Hochwald Cycling Trail: 60 mi/96 km, 1804 ft/550 m high
    Racing cycle tour over a former railroad line from Trier-Ruwer up to the Hunsrück hills to Hermeskeil and return. During the downhill you plunge into a veritable speed euphoria.
    Info and route of the Ruwer-Hochwald Cycling Trial is available at:
  • Moselle-Saar Tour: 47 mi/75 km, 1640 ft/500 m high
    You cycle initially along the Moselle to Wincheringen, then via Merzkirchen to Saarburg. In Saarburg, the trail leads through numerous curves up to the Warsberg holiday park. Then back to Trier along the Saar.
    Insider tip: Naturally, the tour can be extended as you wish by, for example,  taking a detour into the Luxembourg Sûre Valley or through the Konzer Tälchen.