Riveristal dam

The city of Trier has once again been supplied with water from the Hochwald timber forest since 1958, just as it was during Roman times. The only difference is that, this time, the water is supplied from a potable water dam built in the valley of Riveris above the township of Riveris. The dam, which collects the water from the Riveris and Thielenbach, is 50 m tall. The maximum reservoir capacity is 5 million m3.

Building the dam
New roads were laid around the reservoir. These are pedestrian-only, and are conducive for taking a contemplative walk. Beneath the dam is a car park, which marks the start of a circular hiking track. An overgrown landscape reserve is located between the paths and the dam to protect the water from impurities. Swimming and water sports are not permitted.

The difference in altitude between the dam and the city is so great that the water flows down its own natural slope. While the Roman aqueduct ran along the side of the valley, the Riveris water takes the shortest route, and must thus twice be channelled through tunnels.

The first of these begins just near the dam, and ends 1,700 m later on the right-hand slope of the Ruwer Valley, above Sommerau. The entrance to the second tunnel is locate on the left-hand side of the Ruwer Valley, near Gutweiler. After 1,200 m, the water is channelled to a filter station through an underground line near Irsch, and from here, the purified water is fed into the city’s water network.

The communities in the Ruwer municipality association are today predominantly supplied with drinking water from the valley of Riveris.

Dam technical data: 
Dam: 350,000 m3 of gravel from the valley and slopes, dam height: 50 m, 178 m wide, capacity: 5 million m3 of drinking water

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