Roman Grutenhäuschen near Igel

Since its renovation in the summer of 2000, many drivers and hikers have wondered about the small Roman “temple” sitting amidst the vineyards near Igel-Liersberg. The gable of the two-story “temple” sits on six mighty columns; the Grutenhäuschen was presumably built in the 3rd century AD. The substructure consists of a vaulted tomb and an antechamber with a ceiling of barrel vaulting.

Since April 2003, the Trier Land district has opened the idyllically located Grutenhäuschen (from “grut,” grotto) for civil wedding ceremonies. The Roman monument sits in a splendid location with a magnificent view of the Moselle and offers bridal pairs an unforgettable, stylish ambience. The Grutenhäuschen has seating capacity for 30 guests and can be used for a subsequent champagne reception. Registrar Folker Gardain has information about this new service: tel. +49 651 9798110.

The Grutenhäuschen is located amidst the vineyards of the Löwener Mühle Winery and is freely accessible.

Opening hours:
Freely accessible

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