The Roman Imperial Residence

The emphasis in this tour is the area between the Cathedral, the Imperial Baths, and the Amphitheater, in Late Antiquity the extensive Palace precincts. This area comprised the center of power for the Western Roman Empire, which extended from Scotland across Western Europe as far as Spain and into North Africa, a vast territory administered from Trier.

After a brief consideration of the Porta Nigra, the symbol of the Roman Imperial city, the emphasis of the tour shifts to the present St. Peter’s Cathedral, whose core structure dates back to Late Antiquity and which belonged to the residence precincts of Emperor Constantine the Great and his mother, St. Helena – visit inside the Palastaula (Basilika: Roman Imperial Throne Room), the Throne Room of Constantine the Great and subsequent Roman Emperors of the 4th century – visit inside the Imperial Baths from Late Antiquity, where walls still stand over 65 ft (20 m) high, including the extensive subterranean service passages – visit inside the Roman Amphitheater, where the Emperor provided entertainment for the people under the motto “bread and circuses.” Tour ends there.

approx. 3 hours

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