Roman Villa Mehring

After its discovery in 1982, excavations were conducted in 1983/84; the villa remains were preserved and parts were reconstructed. Size: 157 x 95 ft/48 x 29 m, with about 25 rooms; building material: mortared slate quarry stone (to a height of about 9 ft/2.7 m). One of the largest Roman villas of the Trier countryside (villa rustica). The floor plan corresponds to the widespread villa type “Bollendorf” with two corner projections (towers) and colonnaded porch in between. The praefurnia (stoke holes for the heating system) are well preserved, also remains of mosaics, ceiling and wall paintings, and a bath. The villa was initially destroyed by a Germanic raid around AD 355, after which subjected Germanic people were probably settled there until the estate was finally destroyed around 407.

Opening hours:
Freely accessible, year round.
Guided tours (in German) of the villa: April - October: Sunday at 11:30 a.m. or by appointment. 

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