School classes - Leisure

Is it possible to be bored in Trier? Of course, not. Even in leisure, we have plenty of action, fun, and entertainment for you.

On the water and in the water
Come aboard for a roundtrip cruise with your school class on the Moselle and Saar– the fascinating natural and cultural landscape of the region awaits you. Harness an extra helping of energy and strength on a canoe trip along the Moselle and other streams. Speaking of water: Is there anything more enjoyable than spending your day in it? In the indoor and outdoor pools and the lakes, you will be able to swim, dive, play, and relax with gusto – to your heart’s content.

Speaking of playing and relaxing, make sure to check out the Petrispark on Petrisberg mountain. Your school class will dive right into the forest and water playground, the beach volleyball courts, the basketball court, a sunbathing area and so much more. Incidentally, the Luxembourg Tower is situated in the sunbathing area. The plated steel colossus just begs to be climbed – a fantastic panorama view is part of the deal.

By the way: A complete overview of all the playgrounds in the Trier area can be found here.

Climbing, Tobogganing, Playing Golf
Attain new heights traversing the high rope course or climbing the walls of the indoor climbing hall. Or get into the action by rushing down one of the summer tobogganing runs in Riol, Saarburg, or Braunshausen. And Riol and Saarburg each invites you to tee off at their mini-golf course and putt-putt golf course. Yet another mini-golf course can be found right in Trier, behind the Südbad outdoor swimming pool.

Biking and Hiking
Get ready to have a day filled to the brim with interesting encounters and natural vistas when you undertake a bike tour or go for a hike along one of the many first-class hiking trails in the region.

Shopping and Savoring  
Make sure to keep a slot free for a shopping trip in Trier. Browse through shops both large and small in the vivid and vibrant pedestrian area, and make sure not to miss out on the big mall with its sheer countless stores and boutiques. And, in the interim, any number of bars, cafés, and restaurants are at your disposal to kick back and replenish some of your verve.

Fun, Games, and Entertainment
When evening falls, it is time for fun, games and entertainment. Have your students show off their skills at ten-pin and nine-pin bowling – will they score a strike or miss entirely? Two movie theaters aim to entertain with a varied program on their screens. You can find the up-to-date movie schedule in our calendar of events Trier Today. Make sure to check this page out, since it also features pointers on exhibitions, theater performances, concerts, and many other exciting events.

A complete overview over all leisure activities is available here.