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Trier was founded by the Romans more than 2000 years ago and is the oldest city in Germany. But Trier doesn’t consist just of ruins – Trier is exciting, diverse, and exhilarating. Wherever you’re underway, you’re walking on the traces of a glorious past, and you’ll find that the proximity of a more than 2000-year-old history and the pulsating, modern city life is really something quite special.

Guided Tours and Adventure Performances
Experience the center of the ancient world in Germany with its impressive ancient monumental structures during a  city tour with one of our qualified guides. Our exciting, partly interactive adventure performances are a genuine high point for school classes – that’s what makes history really fun!

Museum Educational Services
Fantastic museums fill the Roman city right along with those impressive Roman structures. Along with the ceiling paintings from Constantine’s palace in the Cathedral Museum, there are the exhibits in the Cathedral Treasury and the Municipal Museum Simeonstift, then the significant archaeological collection of the Archaeological Museum (Landesmuseum), and naturally the remarkable sights of the city. Of course, you can explore the museums with a guided tour – there are even special educational programs for school classes in the museums. An outstanding highlight, for example, is the media theater „In the Realm of Shadows“ im Rheinischen Landesmuseum.

Scavenger Hunt
You can, however, explore Trier on your own. The Tourist Information’s scavenger hunt takes you through the downtown area, where the students can get acquainted with the city interactively, learn about the area and the people and obtain a real insight into life then and now. The city scavenger hunt is available at our Online-Shop or at our information counter at the Tourist Information at the Porta Nigra.

Trier’s extended neighboring area also offers a multiplicity of “adventure” and terrific natural and cultural treasures. You can add to the whole experience with an excursion from Trier to explore the regions of Moselle and Saar, the hills of the Eifel and Hunsrück, the neighboring countries of Luxembourg, Lorraine in France, and Belgium. There’s much to discover…

Leisure Activities
To round off your class trip and to make it a lasting memory, we have a large spectrum of leisure activities in the city and region.

We are at your service with assistance in planning and booking your class trip.

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