School classes - Guided tours

The ideal way to make your trip to Germany's oldest city perfect is with a tour with one of our qualified city guides, who naturally organise the tour to suit the respective age group or school type. Please tell us about the composition of your school group.

City Tours
Our classical city walking tour “2000 Years – 2000 Steps” gives you, for example, an overview of the more than two thousand years of Trier history. For younger school children, we have a special tour, a children’s walking tour “2000 Years – 4000 Little Steps.” A toga tour in authentic narrative style permits you to see Trier through the eyes of a Roman. Your guide in traditional Roman dress gives you and your class an impression of the Roman city.

Please note: Trier is a city of short distances – you can reach most of the sights easily on foot.

Some of the monuments, for example, the Amphitheater or the Roman Bridge, lie somewhat outside the city center but can easily be reached by coach. A city bus tour permits you to experience Germany’s oldest city comfortably by bus.

Adventure Performances
Our exciting, partly interactive adventure performances are a noteworthy highlight. Professional actors take you and your class on a fascinating journey back in time and turn the monuments into hands-on history. You and your class can, for example, follow the Gladiator Valerius through the dark passages, cellars, and dungeons of the Amphitheater or let the centurion in his lustrous parade uniform abduct you into the time when Rome ruled the world – and the emperor in Trier conducted the fate of the empire. You can practice the war cry “JUPITER NOBISCUM!” [Jupiter be with us!] with him, defend the Porta Nigra against invading Germanic barbarians, and stand as honor guard when he rides into the city as Napoleon. History is truly lots of fun!

Museum Educational Services
The museums offer their own educational programs especially for school classes. These encompass topic-related tours and programs, adapted to the respective age group.

Insider tip: With the Antiquity Card School (combination ticket for school classes), you can visit the center of the ancient world in Germany at a favorable price. For only € 6.00 per student (in groups of 10 or more), you can visit the four Roman structures (Porta Nigra, Imperial Baths, Amphitheater, Forum Baths), and the Archaeological Museum (Landesmuseum). The Antiquity Card School is available at our information counter at the Tourist Information at the Porta Nigra or at the respective monuments.
Please note: The Antiquity Card School is valid for one week.

A complete overview of all tours is available here.

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