Karl Marx Banknote

    In memory of the most famous son of the city of Trier, the Trier Tourism and Marketing GmbH proudly presents its 0-EURO bank note. In honor of Karl Marx’s 200th birthday, his face is printed on this bill.
    The purple 0-EURO bank note, as well as a real EURO bank note, is made of security paper and with it´s size 135mm x 74mm, slightly larger than a 20 EURO bank note.
    Each bank note contains the following security features:
    Watermark, copper stripes, simultaneous touch, hologram, transparent register, UV fluorescent ink and an individual serial number consisting of 10 characters each (4 letters, 8 digits).

    Minimum order quantity: 5 pieces!!
    If you need more than 100 banknotes, please write us an email to bestellungen@trier-info.de