St. Michael

Because of its remarkable stylistic unity, the parish church St. Michael's in the suburb Trier-Mariahof represents an important example of contemporary ecclesiastical architecture.

The church was designed by K. Schmitz and built in 1969 as a spacious step pyramid. The front windows, on either side of the entrance, were designed by J. Schwarzkopf. O. H. Hajek worked both as painter and sculptor in the sanctuary (1979-1985). He created the altar island from fine, light-coloured smoky quartz, a unit composed of individual elements to be viewed from various perspectives. It is underlined optically by the picture cycle "Signs along the Way".

The 12 picture panels rising in the pyramid are united under the theme of the "Heavenly Jerusalem". In their intended ambiguity, they represent the "12 gates" as well as the "7 angels" and the "5 wounds of the lamb".


Katholisches Pfarramt St. Michael, Am Mariahof 37, tel. +49 651 32242 or +49 651 31201
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