Trier Wine Culture Trail

As one of the largest wine-growing communities in the area Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, the classic Riesling wine area, Trier is considered the cradle of German wine culture. Everything in Germany having to do with wine, wine history and culture has its origins in Trier.

As a special offer to all wine friends and those who wish to become wine friends, the Association of Olewig Wine Growers maintains the Trier wine culture trail.

Beginning in the direct vicinity of the Roman Amphitheatre, you can learn along a path about 1600 m (1 mi) long "interesting and curious" things about the life and cultivation of vines. Along the way, you can read from illustration panels about the relationship between grape varieties, climate and soil and, for example, about the Devonian slate typical of the Moselle region which possesses a great capacity for retaining heat and thus favourably influences the microclimate of the vineyard. Every season offers its own special landscape charm, when the vines are pruned in Winter, the ground ploughed in Spring or the young shoots are tied up in Summer. You can learn the diverse tasks of the grower in the vineyard: from varieties of cultivation, ploughing (with or without wenches), new vineyards, fertilising all the way to the wine harvest, when the fruit of the year's labours can be taken in as the crowning finale.

But then the work really begins; the grapes must be taken care of quickly, the must tended, the fermentation watched over. And here you have the opportunity to have a look as well.

After about an hour of comfortable walking, the wine culture trail takes you to the Trier wine village of Olewig, where you can visit the wine cellar of one of the growers of the Association of Olewig Wine Growers, who rotate weekly. You learn about mash, degrees of Oechsle or racking off before you can then enjoy the individual characteristics of the very diverse wines in a wine tasting.

This offer is rounded off by specialities from the kitchen of the respective grower.        

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