Typically Trier


Dir liwf Madammen on Hären, mir saon Eich e schine guden Dagh on dat mir äringsd fru sön, wänn Dir heij hön kommen dut. Beij ons göft öd vill ze sihn, dat wu Dir sus nörjenst fönnen kennt. Trier ös de aalst Sdat ön onserm Lann; de Remer haon se gegrönd on haon se grus o sdaots gemaach. Daovaon dun Eich heit noch de Dängkmäler verzeelen. Mir winschen Eich vill Spass wänn Dir dorch ons schin Sdat flaneert on allet sihn dut, wad mir Eich zaijen kennen aus onsrer mie wie zwaidausendjähriger Geschicht. 

Could you understand? THAT was Trierisch! Maybe you could use a bit of translation help. Happy to oblige.

Translated loosely:
Ladies and Gentlemen! We extend a warm welcome to you and are delighted you’re visiting us in Trier. There are lots of things to see here that you won’t find anywhere else. Trier, Germany’s oldest city, was founded by the Romans, and they brought the city fame and fortune. Every building has its own story to tell. We hope you enjoy yourselves here as you walk through our lovely city and discover things that point to our 2000 years of history.

We wish to thank Mrs. Mahringer, who gave us the text in Trierisch.
Additional information: Verein Trierisch e.V., President: Herbert-Michael Kopp, tel: +49 651 41895


How about a really special tour? We have tours not only in languages from all over the world; but you can additionally book tours for your groups in Trierisch! Prices and information here.


Tasty, tasty – the dishes of the Trier region. Try out our recipes for yourself! We have a large selection for you.


For the last 15 years, THE cult band in Trier that brings in enthusiastic audiences, young and old alike, sings in Trierisch. The songs are full of verve, the texts memorable, reflecting the bond of the people to Germany’s oldest city. Whoever’s from Trier or knows Trier well knows exactly who we’re talking about.: the Leiendecker Bloas!
Listen to two typically Trier songs in MP3 format:

Pochda (Porta)
Owen von dao Mariesäul (Looking from St. Mary’s Column)

Typically Trier

  • Schnöbbelchesbunenzopp möt Grombereschniedcher: Soups made of fresh, diced green beans with potato pancakes
  • Teerdisch: Sauerkraut and mashed potatoes mixed together
  • En Poorz Viez: A mug of apple cider pressed and fermented from a mixture of sour apples (viez apples)
  • Zalawen: Zurlauben (old fishing district in Trier)
  • Dumsdaan:Cathedral Stone (part of a granite column, also one of Trier’s landmarks)
  • Vuräggersch: Market lady
  • holen: take