White House Forest (Weisshauswald)

"Haus des Waldes" (Forest House)

In the 100 m² (1000 ft²) Forest House at the car park White House Fountain, children as well as adults can become acquainted with the history, significance and function of a forest through the illustrative materials.

Opening hours
May - October: every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday  2:00 - 5:00 p.m.
November - April: every Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Group tours
Group tours are possible upon request at the municipal Revierfoersterei Trier-Weisshaus, Mrs. Kerstin Schmitt, tel. +49 651 85886, fax +49 651 9372647, e-mail: forstrevier.weisshaus@t-online.de möglich.
Visits and tours on request.

At or in "Forest House"

On the front gable side of the house there is material showing 19 different examples of evergreen and deciduous trees with bark in radial and lengthwise cuts. On the left side of the house, there are various commercial bird nesting houses made of wooden boards.

Inside, you can receive information on the following:

  • the history of forests
  • the history of the Trier City Forest
  • the useful function of forests
  • resin and tanning bark production, charcoal production, use of wood as raw material
  • the healthful benefits of forests as recreation areas forests as temperature regulators, water retainers, wind protection, smoke and noise filters; soil types of the Trier City Forest; protection of forests as living space quality of our rivers and streams
  • protection of biotopes
  • new kinds of forest damage
  • colony insects (ants, bees)
  • relief map: Trier within its city limits slide show with various bird species (the various birds sing at the press of a button), forest animals and varieties of mushrooms