Wild game parks / wild game preserves

Weisshauswald Wild Game Preserve

The wild game preserve comprising 20 acres / 7.9 hectares has red deer, wild boar, fallow deer, Mangalitsas (sheep pig), goats, and much more. Visitors can feed the animals with special wild game feed from the vending machines. 
Admission to the game preserve is free.
Children can work off energy at the attractive playground.

South Eifel
Eifel Park

Leisure and wild game park with over 200 animals and great attractions, for example, summer toboggan track, roller coaster,  swing carousel, trampoline, slide paradise, and much more.
Opening hours, prices, and further information: www.eifelpark.com

Saar / Upper Moselle
Saarburg Birds of Prey Park

Experience large and small birds of prey up close. Flight demonstrations daily during the tourist season.
Opening hours, prices, and further information: www.greifvogelpark-saarburg.de