Wine culture

When you’re coming into Trier, you can see from afar: the vineyards line the Moselle, Saar, and Ruwer Rivers - sometimes as broad vineyards, sometimes rising breathtakingly up the steep slopes. The mild climate and excellent soil in and around Trier have been the perfect combination for the world renowned wines from Germany’s oldest city. Trier wine was cultivated even by the Romans.

Would you like to become (better) acquainted with Trier wine?

These are our recommendations:

Our Wine Booth on the Main Market:tl_files/images/nachrichten/weinstand-hauptmarkt.jpg

At our wine booth on the Trier Main Market, you can again enjoy a glass of good wine or sparkling wine there from the vintners from Trier and the area, who change weekly.
Opening Hours: End of March to beginning of November, daily 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Participating vintners: 2019 Wine Booth Calendar

Wine Cellar Tour for Explorers in Germany's Oldest Wine Cellar:tl_files/images/events/highlights/vereinigte-hospitien-hg.jpg

Germany's oldest wine cellar is a place full of history and stories. Two wines will be up for tasting in a unique atmosphere during the new "Wine Cellar Tour for Explorers." You'll also get a bit of insight into the eventful history of Germany's oldest wine cellar. The tour will be conducted Wednesdays and Fridays at 11 a.m. in the winery of the Vereinigte Hospitien ("United Hospitals") (in German). (Photo: Vereinigte Hospitien)
More info and dates

Wine tour including brief information on the city:tl_files/images/stadtfuehrungen/weintour_001.jpg

Bus ride to vintner in a historical bus, including brief city tour, wine tasting (4 wines), wine cellar tour, and return transfer. Master vintner Georg Fritz von Nell heads this winery of great tradition. After you have learned how wine is crafted, you taste the nuances and different characters of selected wines in a pleasant atmosphere during a tasting consisting of 4 wines.
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The Trier Wineries:

Old city

  • Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt, Liebfrauenstr. 9-10, 54290 Trier, tel. +49 651 41178
  • Bischöfliche Weingüter, Gervasiusstr. 1, 54290 Trier, tel. +49 651 145760
  • Güterverwaltung der Vereinigten Hospitien, Krahnenufer 19, 54290 Trier, tel. +49 651 9450
  • Stiftung Friedrich-Wilhelm-Gymnasium, Weberbach 75, 54290 Trier, tel. +49 651 978300
  • Das Weinhaus, Brückenstr. 7, 54290 Trier, tel. +49 651 1704924
  • Weinsinnig, Palaststr. 12, 54290 Trier, tel. +49 651 9790156
  • Wein- und Fischhaus Oechsle, Palaststr. 5-7, 54290 Trier, tel. +49 651 9917555

Outside the old city

  • Gut Avelsbach, Domäne Avelsbach 2, 54296 Trier, tel. +49 651 975980
  • Weingut Georg Fritz von Nell, Im Tiergarten 12, 54295 Trier, tel. +49 651 32397
  • Weingut Peter Terges, Olewigerstr. 145, 54295 Trier, tel. +49 651 31096
  • Weingut Peter Schleimer, Hunsrückstr. 90, 54296 Trier, tel. +49 651 17747
  • Weingut Hermann Oberbillig, Olewiger Str. 139, 54295 Trier, tel. +49 651 31095
  • Weingut Wilhelm Gehlen, Am Hötzberg 3, 54296 Trier, tel. +49 651 10462
  • Weingut Deutschherrenhof, Olewiger Str. 181, 54295 Trier, tel. +49 651 31113