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We now have the long-awaited performance dates, so that you can get the concerts and the festival into your calendars. There’ll be a colorful mix of styles, from rock to pop to blues, everything from recent to not so recent. There’ll be both quiet moments, but the Brunnenhof stage will also shake, rattle, and roll.

Pleas note: WUNSCHbrunnenhof is part of the  cultural semester ticket for students and therefore free for all students at the Trier universities. Starting 20 minutes before a concert begins, tickets will be issued upon presentation of a valid student ID. If the event is sold out, students have no claim to admission. Further information at:

If you need anything in the way of information, you can now pick up the new brochure "Trier Events 2019" in the Tourist Information at the Porta Nigra. All the dates are listed there as well.

We’re looking forward to a summer musical treat with you in the Brunnenhof!

Wednesday concerts

Achim Weinzen Band
tl_files/images/wunschbrunnenhof-bands/wbh19-01-achim-weinzen-band-copyright-achim-weinzen-band.JPGWednesday, July 17, 7:30 p.m.

When it comes to the subject of performance experience, nobody can show anything to Achim Weinzen. After all, he had his first performances at the age of three – back then with songs from Heintje. But the days of the little kid with his “Mama” hit are long gone. As early as his teenage years, Weinzen played his first own songs on the guitar, inspired by the heroes from Woodstock and the ’68 scene, all the way back to the Beatles, the Stones, Hendrix, and the like. He has remained true to this mix of songwriter and rock ’n’ roll and rallies a constantly growing audience. Every enthusiastic concert goer in Trier and the region knows his sometimes soft, sometimes rocking sounds and his expressive lyrics in German. Not just since his “Trier” song became a classic have listeners found themselves in these lyrics. His amalgam of arrangements and lyrics full of fantasy that can leave room for smiling, reflecting, and singing along has frequently turned his songs into unforgettables. Resisting doesn’t make much sense – but going there and listening and singing along certainly does.

Artist information:

Image: © Achim Weinzen Band

Gravedigger Jones
tl_files/images/wunschbrunnenhof-bands/wbh19-02-gravedigger-jones-copyright-dirk-gottwald.JPGWednesday, July 24, 7:30 p.m.

Much has improved in the image of the grave digger in the last 500 years. Going back to the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period, their job was considered to be “dishonorable.” They were excluded from society. Today, however, the masses cheer them – at least around Trier. Because “Gravedigger Jones” has made a name for itself since 2012 with blues-rock, pulsating bass, powerful vocals, driving percussion, and keen blues harp. Especially during their sweat-inducing performances, they send out all their energy and thus take a stand against the reform of replacing the job description of “Grave Digger” with “churchyard caretaker.” That sounds a lot less cool, and so the energetic performance of the six full-blood musicians has correspondingly taken on artist names: Playing and singing are The Principal, Dr. Ulman, DiggaHub, Sergeant Evil Isaac, The Archbishop, and Graveharper Salomän.

Artist information:

Image: © Dirk Gottwald

Feeling Grooovy
tl_files/images/wunschbrunnenhof-bands/wbh19-03-feeling-grooovy-copyright-feeling-grooovy.JPGWednesday, July 31, 7:30 p.m.

Three voices, two guitars, a great love: the music of “Simon & Garfunkel.” And because Jürgen Trunczik, Werner Hertz, and Reinhard Irsch arrange their songs to such a degree of perfection that they regularly elicit a three-fold “OH!” from listeners, their groove lasts considerably longer than with others. Their band name shows that, needing an extra “o”: Feeling Grooovy.” Since 2013, they have been arranging the classical hits by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel in their own manner. With three-part harmony, they have interpreted the songs acoustically new and enchant listeners with richly varied instrumentation, but primarily with much love, heart, and for the fun of music-making. In all that, they don’t leave out other music classics of the 1960s. The reflective “Scarborough Fair” is not only an indispensable element of their performance but also classics such as “Sound of Silence,” “Mrs. Robinson,” and “The Boxer.”

Artist information:

Image: © Feeling Grooovy

Strange Brew
tl_files/images/wunschbrunnenhof-bands/wbh19-04-strange-brew-copyright-alfred-klasen-www-flitzfoto-de.JPGWednesday, August 7, 7:30 p.m.
The well-known line from the crowded house song “Love you ’til I die” runs “I believe in doing things backwards.” Both, lyrics and song title, could also apply to the Trier band “Strange Brew,” which is also oriented toward retro-music, toward the grand music of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. The perhaps most influential decades of recent music history are unforgettable up to the present. Strange Brew brings, for example, songs by Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Dire Straits, or the Beatles to the stage and lends this music their own personal note, distinguished by their polyphonic vocal harmonies and thrilling instrument solos. The young musicians were not themselves around then as “their” hits stormed the charts. But that’s really not necessary. The band’s passion grows out of the intensive study of the hits from back then, become classics today. And this passion can be heard; come hear for yourself!
Image: © Alfred Klasen /
tl_files/images/wunschbrunnenhof-bands/wbh19-05-curvesnedges-copyright-photogroove.JPGWednesday, August 14, 7:30 p.m.
The band “Curves’n’Edges” is young in a double sense: the average age of the band members and in how long the band has been around. In October 2016, Werner Schwarz, guitar teacher and band coach of the Trier Modern Music School, founded the band with seven school students who have already been able to demonstrate their ability in several large and small concerts. The next-generation band interprets their diverse repertory of rock, pop, and alternative songs not only with great enthusiasm, passion, and talent but also with an experimental lineup: the classical ensemble of drums, bass, guitars, strong duo vocals, and two backup vocals are supplemented by violin and cello, depending on the song. The range of songs runs from Jessie J and Duffy to Miley Cyrus and Silbermond all the way to Paramore und Nightwish, songs that create moving along to the beat but that can also take a harder style – just rough around the edges.

Artist information:

Image: © photogroove

tl_files/images/wunschbrunnenhof-bands/wbh19-06-the-rats-copyright-the-rats.JPGWednesday, August 21, 7:30 p.m.
Whoever wanted to start a beat band in the 1960s, had to have a thick skin. Because the music that sloshed over to Germany from England, heavy on electric guitar and percussion, especially by the bands such as the Beatles, was viewed by the German public accustomed to their “hits” as raucous and unruly. Nevertheless, twelve young musicians who came together in 1964 forced the new music trend and called themselves, with self-irony, “The RATS.” After all, their music was just as popular as the gray underground rodents. Today The RATS are Trier’s oldest still existing blues and classic rock band. A good reason to stand by the concept: a musical journey through the last 50 years where the old rockers push young and old fans with their joy of music-making and bring them to singing and dancing along with their musical spectrum. So every concert becomes a party – the constantly growing community of fans bears witness to that.

Artist information:

Image: © The RATS

Saturday, August 31, 5:00 p.m.:
WUNSCHbrunnenhof FESTIVAL | Program:

Black Porta Project feat. Mary's Funky Pillars
tl_files/images/wunschbrunnenhof-bands/wbh19-07-black-porta-project-feat-marys-funky-pillars-copyright-lorryson.JPG Saturday, August 31, starting at 5:00 p.m.
WINNER of the 2019 WUNSCHbrunnenhof Contest


What a premiere, what a victory! The BlackPortaProject came in first place in this year’s Brunnenhof voting with over 100 votes ahead. Whether that has anything to do with the fact that the band in cooperation with “Mary’s Funky Pillars” brings all of 15 musicians to the stage – more than any other contestant? We can only speculate; but we’re convinced that it was also the little details such as the song selection loaded with energy, the unfettered joy of making music, the visible fun on stage, and the widely visible musical talent that raised the band up onto the winners’ podium. In addition, the BlackPortaProject brings together what belongs together: long-experienced musicians from the Trier region, a wide-ranging lineup of brass, vocals, keyboards, strings, and beatz, and, of course, the driving power of funk, rock, & soul that comes to the stage in all their versions, from Motown and Stax to current representatives of the genre. Whoever’s looking forward to this music explosion on the stage as we are is gonna be there at the finale of the festival!

Artist information:

Image: © Lorryson

tl_files/images/wunschbrunnenhof-bands/wbh19-08-stelise-copyright-stelise.JPGSaturday, August 31, starting at 5:00 p.m.
NEWCOMER WUNSCHbrunnenhof 2019

Last October, the Luxembourg band “Stelise,” an amalgam of the first names of guitarist Steve Richer and female vocalist Elise Nunes, issued their first album “If There Is an Escape” with twelve songs they wrote themselves about the pressures and excuses in life you find yourself to be able to flee them. With that, the contents and musical direction of the five-man band has been described: melodic, sometimes melancholic rock and trip-hop, forged by the band’s musical idols such as Portishead, Pink Floyd, and Radiohead.

Artist information:

Image: © Stelise

Der Daiwel
tl_files/images/wunschbrunnenhof-bands/wbh19-09-der-daiwel-copyright-cataphile-cg.JPGSaturday, August 31, starting at 5:00 p.m.
NEWCOMER WUNSCHbrunnenhof 2019


The Devil is a rebel. All the more so when he comes dressed up as a quartet. Then he rebels against the plastic models of today, against fake music, and musical pap without inspiration. The band’s view goes back to the rough crossover guitars of the 1990s, to the old school rap of the 1980s, and to the unsparing lyrics of one’s own childhood, lyrics trusted to give current conflicts a form of expression. With this mix, “Der Daiwel” is touring through Luxembourg and the border region and playing for audiences that want to rebel just as they do.

Artist information:


Bye Bye Bay
tl_files/images/wunschbrunnenhof-bands/wbh19-10-bye-bye-bay-copyright-bye-bye-bay.JPGSaturday, August 31, starting at 5:00 p.m.
NEWCOMER WUNSCHbrunnenhof 2019

After years of writing for his Luxembourg pop band “Open Seas,” it was time for percussionist Pierre Bihl to initiate his personal parallel project, “Bye Bye Bay,” that blends inimitable melodies and catchy rhythms, sometimes acoustically, sometimes electric. Last year, the band issued their first extended play “Let It Go,” having been inspired by, for example, singer/songwriter Jason Mraz. Since then, Bihl, age 30, has exchanged his drum sticks for a mike and is touring Luxembourg and the entire greater region.

Artist information:

Image: © Bye Bye Bay

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